How Many kWh To Charge Rav4 Prime?

Rav4 Prime has got quite popular and the demand for this is quite high as its price. However, the maintenance of this SUV is quite low. This also reminds us of the kWh to charge this car being an electric vehicle.

So, this article answers how many kWh to charge Rav4 Prime!

Well, charging Rav4 Prime consumes about 18 kWh on average. If you charge your SUV at your home, it will take about 17.3 kWh. However, it will consume a bit more at a public station which is around 19 kWh.

Now, this answers how kWh to charge your SUV. But you need to know about different options for it and a few other relevant insights as we got here.

So, dive into the details without further ado!

Different Options To Charge Rav4 Prime and Their kWh Requirements

To charge Rav4 Prime, you mainly get 2 options. You either charge it at your place or you go to a public charging station. So, here are the details of these 2 options stated below.

Option 1: Charging at Home

To charge your Rav4 Prime at your place, you need the tools mentioned below:

  • The original charging cable of Rav4 Prime.
  • A 3-pronged household outlet with space around.

Once you have these, you can get started.

If you are charging your Rav4 Prime at home, it consumes about 120 volts. On a household outlet, this generally consumes 12 amperes on average.

This means it has a power of 1440 watts or 1.44 kW. Now, the average duration to charge this is about 12 hours.

So, if you want to find its kWh, it rounds off to 17300 Joules or 17.3 kWh. That means the energy or kWh consumed while charging Rav4 Prime at home is about 17.3.

Option 2: Charging at A Public Station

If you are going to a public station to charge your Rav4 Prime, you need a few tools as stated below:

  • The original charging cable.
  • An adapter. This is not always necessary but you are good to keep it for assurance.

As you have these tools, you are good to go.

Now, if you want to charge your Rav4 Prime at a public station, you can do that as well. So, thinking about its kWh, you need to look at its voltage and current first.

At a public station, the voltage is about 240 volts. Besides, the outlets there produce about 32 amperes of current. So, it produces a power of 7680 watts or 7.68 kW.

Now, to know its energy or kWh, you need to know the time. The time taken to charge Rav4 Prime at a public charging station is only about 2.5 hours.

So, the energy is about 19200 joules or 19.2 kWh on average. For your information, you must have a Rav4 Prime charging adapter if you go to a Tesla charging station.

Does It Take More kWh at Home Or Public Stations?

You know that you have 2 main options to charge your Rav4 Prime. One is the public station and the other one is your own place, home.

Now, this may arise a question, does it take more kWh to charge Rav4 Prime at home or public stations? Well, here is the answer in the table below.

Charging PlacePower (kW)Time (Hours)
HomeVoltage- 120 Volts, Current- 12 AmperesAbout 12 Hours
Public StationVoltage- 240 Volts Current- 32 AmperesAbout 2.5 Hours

As you look at the table above, you can see the amount of voltage, current, and time taken at each charging place.

Now, coming to a conclusion, we can say that public stations take a bit more kWh than that at home. So, the cost to charge at a public charging station may also be a bit more than that at home.

However, public stations are seen to be more effective and safe by owners of Rav4 Prime.

You actually get the right environment for your Rav4 Prime to get recharged at an authentic place. So, this is how the Rav4 Prime kWh works while charging Rav4 Prime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does A Rav4 Prime Battery Last On Average?

In general, the Rav4 Prime battery lasts from 3 to 5 years at least. However, the lifespan of a battery can vary with its usage, size, and type. Note that a Rav4 Prime battery can be as long-lasting as 10 years or more if you can use it properly.

Do I Need To Charge Rav4 Prime Every Day?

No, you do need to charge Rav4 Prime every day. You will have to charge it whenever you notice the signal on the display that it’s running out of power. Note that you can run mile after mile with a single charge on this Rav4 Prime.

Can The KWh Increase Suddenly While Charging Rav4 Prime?

No, there is generally no record of the kWh increasing suddenly while charging Rav4 Prime. This remains around 6.6 kW which takes about 2.5 to 3 hours usually. So, there is no way the kWh may increase or decrease to a significant level.

The Final Words

Now you know how many kWh to charge Rav4 Prime! As you have got the information about its kWh, you may wonder about the cost of it.

So, move on to our next article, how much does it cost to charge Rav4 Prime, to know more. Now, before we wrap up, here is a bonus piece of info. The cost of charging this increases slightly as the battery ages over time. Good luck to you!

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