Can You Charge Rav4 Prime at Home? [Guided in 2023]

If you are having a Rav4 Prime, you must be quite satisfied and happy with its performance. But you need to consider charging this SUV regularly. Now, this confuses people whether they can do it at home as well as public stations are not everywhere.

So, here is the answer to, can you charge Rav4 Prime at home or not!

Well, yes, you can charge Rav4 Prime at home, fortunately. To do this, you need to use the authentic charger given by the manufacturer. Moreover, you also need a 3-pronged outlet to charge your SUV.

Now this is a straightforward answer to your query. However, you need to know the right way and a few other concerns about it.

We got it all here, so, dive into the main part right away!

Understanding the RAV4 Prime’s Charging System

RAV4 Prime's Charging System

The Rav4 Prime charging system is available if you want to run your vehicle on battery. That means your car will get power from the battery through electricity.

By default, you get a level-1 charger which is used for a 120-volt outlet. If you want an upgrade, you can move to the level-2 charger, which will save your time.

Other than this, you do not get any tools or equipment other than the manual’s guide.

Is It Okay To Charge Rav4 Prime at Home?

Charge Rav4 Prime at Home

You know that you can charge your Rav4 Prime at home. However, is it okay to charge Rav4 Prime at home? Well, yes, it is perfectly fine to do that.

That means you can charge this SUV at your place anytime. A standard household outlet has 120 volts and 12 amperes of current.

So, this will take around 12 hours if you get started charging your Rav4 Prime battery. However, you need to make sure that you are using the right cable for this.

To be precise, you need to use the charging cable included by default to charge your Rav4 Prime. The manufacturer provides you with this supply to charge the vehicle.

So, all in all, it is okay to charge the Rav4 Prime at home. Note that there should be no significant and noticeable effects on the battery for charging this at home.

How To Charge Rav4 Prime at Home?

Charging the Rav4 Prime at home is fine. But you must know the right way of doing something, especially when it is something like an expensive automobile.

Although it is a very easy thing to do, we still segmented this process into 3 steps. So, here is how to charge Rav4 Prime at home with the right steps. Take a look.

Step 1: Stop The Car

At first, you need to stop the car and let it rest for about 10 to 20 minutes. Some people tend to overlook this. However, this is important for the charging efficiency.

So, you need to stop the car and let the engine and battery of your car cool down. You may already know that you have a level-1 charger with your car.

Now, if you want an upgraded version of this charger, you can move on to level-2. This is a 240-volt charging cable that will save your time significantly while charging the battery.

Note that you must buy the level-2 charger from their authentic store.

Step 2: Plug in the Charger

Once you let your SUV rest for a while, you need to take the actual charger of your car. You must have the level-1 charger provided by the manufacturer.

For this, you need a 3-pronged household outlet to connect the charger to the power supply. Make sure you do not use any type of multi-plug to charge your vehicle.

This can cause sparks and even small fires. So, once you plug in the charger to the car and connect it to the power supply, it starts charging.

Note that this can take up to 12 hours if that is a level-1 charger. Try to keep some space for it as the charging cable length is 24 feet long.

You already know that you can upgrade to level-2 if you want and this would save your time. The Rav4 Prime charging time can decrease to 4.5 to 2.5 hours depending on the power of the outlet.

So, connect the plug to the hole which is at the right back of your car to charge the battery.

Step 3: Let the Battery Rest for A While

As you charge your Rav4 Prime fully, the battery is powered again. Once you take off the plug, you are done charging.

However, you need to take a short break once again. As you charge your car battery, there is an immense flow of electrons.

Due to this, the battery gains charge according to its physics. As a result of this, the battery remains hot for a few minutes after this.

Take a break about 10 to 15 minutes for this until you get started again. Note that this break is not a must but it would increase the efficiency of the battery.

So, this is how you can charge your Rav4 Prime at home very easily.

How Often Should I Charge Rav4 Prime?

There is no rule of thumb for charging Rav4 Prime. That means you need to recharge the battery when it is required.

You can wait as long as you can drive your SUV properly with the existing charge of the battery. However, according to some experts, you may need to recharge the battery after every 150 miles.

If the vehicle is fully EV with a plug-in charger, it goes up to 250 miles. But a partial EV vehicle would not go as much as the other can go.

So, there is no hard and fast rule to charge the battery of Rav4 Prime. You can go without a recharge as long as the car goes.

Safety Considerations while Charging Rav4 Prime

There is not much to consider while charging your Rav4 Prime. However, we have still come up with a few safety considerations for this. Take a look.

  • Wipe off the charger before you start using it. Make sure there are no water particles on it.
  • Check for any leaks or holes in the pipe before you connect it to the power supply.
  • Make sure you do not put anything wet or even damp at the place around the car and charger.
  • Keep the charger out of sunlight and heat all the time.
  • Ensure no child comes in contact with the charger.

So, these are the general considerations that you need to count for your safety.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Does It Take To Charge Rav4 Prime At Home?

To charge the Rav4 Prime battery, the duration will be about 12 hours in total. Note that the time will vary depending on how much charge is left in the battery. Moreover, if the battery is new, it will take less than that, which might be just 10 hours.

What Places Are Convenient To Charge Rav4 Prime?

You can use any type of authorized and authentic electric supply source to charge your Rav4 Prime. That means you can either charge it at your place or any public charging station. Note that it takes way lesser in time if you charge the battery at public stations.

Does Charging Rav4 Prime At Home Affect The Battery Negatively?

There will be no significant negative effects if you are charging your Rav4 Prime battery at home. However, according to a few owners, some of them claimed to get a bit lower mileage when they charge at home.

The Final Words

Now you have the answer, can you charge Rav4 Prime at home or not! With this you may ask yourself if a Tesla station is okay for this. Well, the answer is in our next article, can you charge Rav4 Prime at a Tesla station or not! So, here is a bonus tip for you. If you are concerned about charging your car at home, take a record of the mileage after that. The mileage being the same means there is no effect on the battery for charging at home.



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