11 Valid Reasons Why The Toyota RAV4 Prime Is So Expensive

The Toyota Rav4 Prime is indubitably one of the best SUVs to ever come across. But the high price of it has left many potential customers absolutely stunned and blank. This is where people are confused about whether to go for it or not.

So, here we have covered why is the Toyota Rav4 Prime so expensive!

The Toyota Rav4 Prime has all the advanced technologies like hybrid tech, powertrain, and safety features. This SUV also has superior fuel efficiency, premium materials, and a top-notch audio system. Note that this vehicle has a high resale value too!

Now, this gives you a generic answer to your question. But by reading along, you can get through all the details to have an in-depth idea about this SUV.

So, let us jump into the article right away!

What Makes The Toyota Rav4 Prime So Expensive?

We know that the more features and utilities there are, the more expensive an SUV is. So, here we have covered in detail the utilities that you can get in the Toyota Rav4 Prime. Take a look now!

1. Advanced Hybrid Technology

The Toyota Rav4 Prime has got advanced hybrid technology which is not available in many other SUVs. This technology lets this vehicle run on electricity and gas or fuel simultaneously.

Due to this, you can travel a lot more than usual with your fuel. This would lead to a very high fuel economy, and your fuel expense will be saved to a great extent.

Note that you can drive this SUV at least 20 km per liter with this advanced hybrid technology. In fact, you can go even more, like 25 to 28 km, if you can drive a bit more efficiently.

2. Advanced Powertrain Technology

This Toyota Rav4 Prime has got its own powertrain technology. It boasts a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine that works in conjunction with two electric motors.

This delivers a combined 302 horsepower. With this high-end feature, this SUV can accelerate from 0 to 60 miles per hour in just 5.5 seconds.

So, you can understand that it is currently one of the fastest compact SUVs in the market.

Note that this technology also helps the car battery to run smoothly with convenience. As a result, your car battery would also be benefitted from this tech to an extent.

3. Advanced Safety Technologies

You can get a bunch of advanced safety technologies in this Toyota Rav4 Prime. Starting from the first, this SUV is equipped with adaptive cruise control, which controls the speed automatically.

Due to this, your car will automatically increase or decrease the speed of measuring vehicles and objects’ distance.

You also get a lane departure warning which alerts you when you suddenly change the lane. There are automatic emergency braking, and a rearview camera as well.

Last but not least, you would also get a dynamic radar cruise control. This would let you set a speed below 30 mph to maintain a distance from other vehicles around.

So, you are basically getting a whole pack of advanced safety technology in this SUV to drive safely!

4. Superior Fuel Efficiency and Range

As you already know that this SUV has a combined hp of 302. It is the most powerful Rav4 till now. This Toyota Rav4 Prime can leave you speechless, showing its superior fuel efficiency and its range.

You can drive this car for almost about 70 km or 42 miles per liter of fuel consumed. This is so far the most efficient SUV, which makes it one of the best in the market!

However, if you are an amateur driver, you may not go as much as that. But it would still take you at least 30 to 35 miles.

5. Premium Interior Materials

The Toyota Rav4 Prime comes with an exquisite combo of interior materials. This SUV has got SofTex leatherette, and the LE and XLE have cloth-trimmed seats.

These seats give you comfort and posh looks with a classy and vibrant touch as well. You can avail of either black or nutmeg for your seats.

Note that you also choose ash, but not every location offers this color like the former two colors.

The steering wheel of this vehicle is leather-trimmed. Moreover, you also get interior ambient light all around, and you can choose multiple colors for that.

You absolutely get the soothing feel of luxury while seating on a Toyota Rav4 Prime!

6. High-Quality Audio System

This SUV has got a very high-quality audio system which has 9 speakers in total. You get a JBL audio system in the Toyota Rav4 Prime. The JBL audio system makes the RAV4s so expensive!

With this system, you can get a feel of a high-standard audio theater with 8k sound quality. The audio system offers AM/FM/XM radio, USB-A, Bluetooth, and Alexa.

Moreover, this also has both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support to connect any mobile device to it.

Note that you can also interchange the JBL audio system of this SUV, preferring its desired size. However, it is not that common to do that so.

7. Cutting-Edge Technology and Features

The Toyota Rav4 Prime has got top-notch technologies and features that are not readily available everywhere. You get an 8-inch touchscreen display which supports any type of mobile device to connect to.

There is an advanced rearview camera that enables you to get a detailed view behind the vehicle. You can also get a 360-degree view of your car.

This would be a perfect assistant while parking your SUV anywhere, even if it is a compact area.

8. Limited Production and High Demand

You can already understand that the Toyota Rav4 Prime is a great SUV with all its features and utilities.

This is why this car has got a high demand from the first, which is even increasing gradually. But this puts the customer in an issue as it raises the price of the car.

As there is a high demand for this SUV, manufacturers are still struggling to produce as much as asked. Due to this, you may have to wait even a year to get your ordered SUV.

9. Higher Resale Value

We often think if we can resell our car and get the right value. Although it is not always possible, the Toyota Rav4 Prime would surprise you!

This is because you get the right value if you want to sell your used Toyota Rav4 Prime. As there is a high demand for this SUV, customers tend to pay more even for a used one.

So, you can definitely charge higher compared to any other second-hand SUVs. Although you may not the actual price that you bought for, you will still get very close to that.

10. Brand Reputation and Reliability

Coming to the brand, Toyota has always been on the top list, especially for mid-range cars. According to Fortune Magazine 2020, Toyota is considered to be the best motor vehicle company.

Many other sources have also confirmed that Toyota always stays in the top 10 and 20. So, considering the brand reputation, this Toyota Rav4 Prime is a perfect choice.

Their performance and longevity have also affirmed the reliability of the customers over time.

11. Government Incentives and Tax Credits

With this exquisite SUV, you can get a few privileges from the government. Yes, you read that right! If you are driving a Toyota Rav4 Prime, you can avail of tax credits.

This means you can get a tax rebate of $7500. As a result, you can save a good amount of money on this.

Other than this, if you seek any other advantages, you need to talk to the manufacturer. They can let you know every other privilege in detail, considering your area and the time.

So, these are the things that have made this car quite expensive!

Will It Be A Good Decision To Buy The Toyota Rav4 Prime?

Decision To Buy The Toyota Rav4 Prime

You have already come across the special features and utilities of the Toyota RAV4 Prime. So, you have got a good idea of what it would feel like to have and drive this SUV.

Now, you may wonder, if you should consider buying this SUV or not. Well, this is actually a big decision to make. However, if you want a brief, then here you go.

If your main priority is features and utilities, you must go for the Toyota RAV4 Prime. However, if you don’t have a very high budget at the moment, you may have to reconsider it.

You can move to other SUVs with a lower budget, although that would decrease the utilities as well.

How Long Does A Toyota Rav4 Prime Run Well?

Considering the brand value of Toyota, it is one of the best brands in the market. The Toyota Rav4 Prime is nothing less than that.

With all its top-notch features and utilities, it is quite long-lasting as well. This Toyota Rav4 Prime can run well, at least for 300,000 miles.

If you can drive well, it might also run for a lifetime. However, people generally sell or go for an upgrade once they reach a specific mileage.

So, if you are thinking about the longevity of this SUV, it can last for a lifetime!

Can I Resell The Toyota Rav4 Prime Without Any Hassle?

Reselling cars has been a common choice, especially when we want to change the current one or for similar reasons.

Now, you may also wonder, if reselling this Toyota Rav4 Prime would be hassle-free or not. Well, yes! Reselling this SUV could be great for both seller and buyer.

This is because this SUV has great demand all the time. So, if you are up to sell your car, you can charge a good price. Note that you can even charge closer to the official price.

On the other hand, the buyer would be quite happy to get this SUV at a lower rate. So, this would be a win-win situation for the parties.

That’s what makes it quite simple and easy to resell this Toyota Rav4 Prime.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Long Will RAV4 Prime Battery Last?

A Rav4 Prime battery lasts at least about 3 to 5 years in general. Note that it can last longer than that, depending on a few factors. If you can make sure of good driving habits, convenient weather, and proper maintenance, it will surely last longer.

Is The Toyota Rav4 Prime So Expensive Compared To Other Hybrid SUVs?

Yes, the Toyota Rav4 Prime is quite expensive compared to other hybrid SUVs. This is because this SUV has got an integration of a number of new features and utilities. As you go up with the features of your car, you also need to pay higher.

Does The Toyota Rav4 Prime Cover More Distance Than General SUVs?

Yes, the Toyota Rav4 Prime can possibly cover more distance than a general SUV does. On average, an SUV covers about 300 to 500 miles with a full tank. However, the Toyota Rav4 Prime can go up to 600 or even a bit more than that with its full tank.

The Final Words

Now you know why is the Toyota Rav4 Prime so expensive! We believe the information that we got here helps you to have good knowledge about this SUV.

If this helps you with the knowledge, you can move on to our next article, “Is the Rav4 Prime worth it”. In the next article, we have got a detailed evaluation of this car so that you can make up the decision yourself! Good luck.

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