Can a Toyota Rav4 Tow a Horse Trailer?

Curious if your faithful Toyota RAV4 can pull a horse in a trailer? Let’s find out.

Understanding Towing Capacity

First, let’s talk about what towing capacity is. It is the maximum weight your car can safely tow. The Toyota RAV4’s limit is important. It tells us if it can tow a horse trailer. Add more rows as needed

Model YearTowing Capacity
20181500 lbs
20193500 lbs (Adventure/Trail Model)
20203500 lbs (Adventure/Trail Model)

The Weight Of A Horse Trailer

Next, we must know the weight of a horse trailer. A basic, small horse trailer can start at around 2400 pounds when empty. If we add one horse (around 1000 pounds), the total weight goes up.

Can The RAV4 Do It?

The RAV4 could tow a light horse trailer, especially the 2019 or 2020 Adventure/Trail model. This is if the trailer and horse together do not exceed 3500 pounds.

What About Other RAV4 Models?

Older or different RAV4 models may have a lower towing limit. For example, a 1500-pound limit. It would then not be safe to tow a horse trailer with a horse.

Do Not Forget The Gear

We also must remember the gear. Saddles, food, and more must be counted, too.

  • Add the weight of the extra gear.
  • It could be hundreds of pounds more.

Towing Safety Tips

Here are important tips for a safe tow:

  1. Check your RAV4’s exact towing capacity.
  2. Ensure the trailer has working lights and brakes.
  3. Practice driving with a trailer before a big trip.
  4. Always use proper towing equipment.
  5. Check the hitch, wiring, and tires before leaving.

Frequently Asked Questions: Can A Toyota Rav4 Tow A Horse Trailer?

What Is The Rav4 Towing Capacity?

The Toyota Rav4 has a towing capacity ranging from 1,500 to 3,500 pounds, depending on the model and engine.

Can Rav4 Handle Horse Trailer Weight?

Yes, a Toyota Rav4 can tow certain horse trailers, provided the combined weight does not exceed its maximum towing capacity.

Are Rav4 Models Equipped For Towing?

Some Rav4 models come with a towing package, which includes features that enhance the vehicle’s towing capabilities.

What To Check Before Towing With Rav4?

Before towing, verify the Rav4’s towing capacity, ensure the trailer’s weight is within limits, and ensure the hitch and connections are secure.


If you own a Toyota RAV4, check the manual first. Make sure your trailer and horse weight is within limits. Gear weight matters, too. Go for a model with a higher towing capacity for bigger trailers. Practice and always keep safety first.

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