Can a Bike Fit in a Toyota Rav4?

Are you planning a trip and want to take your bike with you? Today we’re going to find out if a bike can fit in a Toyota RAV4!

The Toyota RAV4’s Space

The Toyota RAV4 is a popular SUV. It’s known for having a lot of room. But is the space enough to fit a whole bike inside?

Rav4 Interior Dimensions

Cargo Space (Seats Up)37.6 cubic feet
Cargo Space (Seats Down)69.8 cubic feet
Cargo Length (Seats Down)About 73 inches
Cargo Width at Wheel BaseAbout 53 inches
Cargo Height (Trunk Opening)About 33 inches

Fitting Your Bike Inside

Bikes come in different sizes, just like people do. Most bikes for adults may need a bit of work to fit inside.

Here are some tips on how to fit your bike in:

  • Take off the front wheel: This makes the bike much smaller.
  • Lower the rear seats: Doing this makes lots more space.
  • Use a bike rack: Sometimes, this can be much easier.

A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Open the RAV4’s back door wide.
  2. Put down the back seats to make space.
  3. Remove the front wheel of your bike.
  4. Lift your bike and gently slide it inside.
  5. Fit the bike in so it’s nice and snug.
  6. If needed, protect your car with a blanket.
  7. Close the back door and check it’s safe.

Bike Racks For The RAV4

If putting your bike inside seems hard, bike racks can help.

Bike racks go on the outside of your car.

They let you bring your bike without using space inside.

Types Of Bike Racks

  • Rooftop Racks: Go on top of your RAV4.
  • Hitch Racks: Attach to the back hitch of the RAV4.
  • Trunk Racks: Hang on the back of your RAV4.

Here are some things to think about with bike racks:

  1. Make sure the rack fits your RAV4 well.
  2. Check the weight limit so it’s safe for your bike.
  3. Follow instructions to strap the bike right.
  4. Always lock your bike on the rack, so it’s secure.
  5. Double-check before driving that it won’t fall off.

Safety First!

No matter how you bring your bike, safety is most important.

Here’s how to keep safe on your trip:

  • Secure your bike so it doesn’t move around.
  • Pack the rest of your things neatly around it.
  • Drive carefully, especially if you have a bike rack.
  • Check your bike and rack often on long trips.

Frequently Asked Questions On Can A Bike Fit In A Toyota Rav4?

Can Toyota Rav4 Accommodate Bicycles?

Absolutely, a Toyota Rav4 can typically fit a bike inside, especially with the rear seats folded down for extra space.

How To Load A Bike Into A Rav4?

To load a bike into a Rav4, remove the front wheel, fold the rear seats, and place the bike inside the cargo area.

Will A Mountain Bike Fit In A Rav4?

Yes, most mountain bikes will fit in a Rav4 with the rear seats down, though larger frames may require additional disassembly.

Is Toyota Rav4 Cargo Space Bike-Friendly?

Toyota Rav4’s cargo space is bike-friendly, offering ample room when the back seats are folded flat.


A bike can indeed fit in a Toyota RAV4.

With a bit of work, your bike can come along for the ride!

Happy Travels With Your Bike And Rav4!

So now you know: adventures with your bike and RAV4 await!

Enjoy every trip with your favorite two-wheeled buddy on board.

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